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MINI MERTIL: An Introduction to
Early Relational Trauma and Attachment Styles


Learn to recognise childhood developmental delay and
how to respond to trauma within parent-infant relationships

Mini MERTIL offers those working in frontline services the perfect introduction to identifying early childhood developmental delay & relational trauma, as well as being a refresher course for those who have completed the
full MERTIL Course.

An engaging short version of the full MERTIL course, this self-paced, 2 hour online course offers an introduction to the identification of early childhood developmental delay and to the recognition of early relational trauma in the parent-child relationship. This form of trauma can stem from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences. 


Mini MERTIL synthesizes the original and acclaimed 12 hour MERTIL course, now completed by over 2000 Early Childhood Practitioners. Mini MERTIL is available on it’s own or is included free with the full MERTIL course (learn more in “Courses” tab).

The Mini MERTIL course has 3 themes over 8 chapters

  • Theme 1: Development in a relational context
    • Infant trauma: a relational, developmental and humanising framework; Attachment development and the transmission of caregiving trauma
  • Theme 2: Signs and symptoms of early relational trauma
    • Recognising relational trauma in caregivers, infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Theme 3: Effective trauma informed conversations and interventions.
    • Creating supportive trauma-informed conversations for a shared recognition of risk; Responding to trauma – brief and enhanced interventions

The course begins with a pre-learning, baseline quiz; and each chapter has an e-learning component and post-learning quiz.

A 2 hr CPD certificate is available upon completion.

Who should register for this course?

The Mini MERTIL course is an ideal introduction to the topic of Early Relational Trauma and Attachment Theory and is suitable for a broad array of frontline health services including but not limited to:

  • Child protection
  • Police working in family violence and child protection units
  • Community health clinics
  • Mental health clinics
  • Maternal/Family & Child Health services
  • Paediatricians and GPs
  • Early childhood services
  • Early parenting services

Victorian MCHNs already enrolled in MERTIL can login for free access to Mini MERTIL.

Learning time: 2 hours

Language: English

Suitable for:
A broad array of frontline
health services

Mini MERTIL: An Introduction to Early Relational Trauma

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Multiple licences for a group can be purchased at the same time. If you have a number of staff members who wish to complete the course you can click ‘Group Purchase’ below and add multiple users (up to 20. For >20 please contact us for additional discounts). Once the purchase is complete you will be able to add the individual users to the group, giving them individual account access to the MERTIL online learning course.

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*Access to the course and the library is for 3 months.

Which course is right for me…

The full MERTIL course is recommended for frontline healthcare practitioners who:

  • Already have some experience in working with families with young children, all or some of whom are experiencing trauma
  • The Mini MERTIL course is included free when you purchase the full MERTIL course


    The Mini MERTIL course is ideal for those frontline healthcare practitioners who:

    • Are new to working with families and young children, or don’t see them regularly
    • Feel they may be seeing relational trauma in the parent-child dyads they see
    • Feel there’s more going on in a parent-child relationship but are unsure what that may be.


        MERTIL: A course for
        Early Childhood Practitioners

        MERTIL offers training in the recognition of early trauma in the parent-child relationship, stemming from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences. Moreover, MERTIL teaches options for effective immediate response by frontline services.

        Further Information

        For further information on the course and group discounts, get in touch with the MERTIL team via our online contact form