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Where MERTIL came from

MERTIL was designed and developed by Professors Jennifer McIntosh AM and Louise Newman AM, with an initial focus on the Victorian Maternal and Child Health workforce. This program was delivered in 2018 to over 1800 nurses and allied health staff statewide. The training received universal acclaim, with strong positive responses from the workforce and excellent retention of knowledge.
The following peer reviewed paper regarding this program and its evaluation results was published in 2020.

Clancy, E. M., Mcintosh, J., Booth, A. T., Sheen, J., Johnson, M., Gibson, T., Bennett, R. N., & Newman, L. (2020). Training maternal and child health nurses in early relational trauma: An evaluation of the MERTIL workforce training. Nurse Education Today, 89, 104390.

MERTIL has now expanded to include comprehensive training for all frontline practitioners, a refresher course and specialist local training for managers and coordinators addressing family violence.

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