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The Family Violence Leadership Training course:
now archived

This customised online program provided training for coordinators of the Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Workforce. The course aimed to help with implementation of the Victorian Family Violence reforms. The content focused on the important role of MCH Leadership in implementing and realising the vision of the reforms. In addition, this course explored the range of actions MCH Leadership can take in promoting and embedding Family Violence reforms in their services.

The MERTIL Family Violence Leadership Training course was provided for Victorian Maternal and Child Health Leaders nominated by the Department of Health and Human Services.


No further enrolments are being accepted

Private: Family Violence Leadership Course

Course outline

The course consisted of six online chapters and a half day in-person workshop:

  • Chapter 1: Leading responses to family violence for MCH services
  • Chapter 2: Family Violence Reforms – what is changing for MCH services?
  • Chapter 3: Enhanced change management practices for quality improvement in family violence monitoring, identification, and response
  • Chapter 4: Staff safety and self-care: practitioner expertise and system support
  • Chapter 5: Respective, sensitive and safe engagement with Maternal and Child Health Service clients and staff
  • Chapter 6: Resourcing effective referrals and inter-sectorial communication

MERTIL: A course for
Early Childhood Services
frontline workers

MERTIL offers training in the recognition of early trauma in the parent-child relationship, stemming from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences. Moreover, MERTIL teaches options for effective immediate response by frontline services.

Mini MERTIL: An Introduction to
Early Relational Trauma

Mini MERTIL offers those working in frontline services the perfect introduction to identifying early relational trauma in infants, as well as being a refresher course for those who have completed the full MERTIL Course.

Further Information

For further information on the course and group discounts, get in touch with the MERTIL team via our online contact form