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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Update

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought with it a complex, challenging and dynamic time for our world that is largely unchartered and unprecedented. With many organisations now based from home, for some, it may be an optimal time to complete online training.

During these difficult and often distressing times we would like to reassure you that the MERTIL team are still here and are ready to support your online learning. We understand the pressure many organisations are currently under and would be happy to offer an organisation discount for those interested in undertaking the MERTIL online-only training at this time.

Please contact the MERTIL team at for further information about costing and enrolments.

A course for Early Childhood Services Frontline workers

MERTIL offers training in the identification of and response to early relational trauma. MERTIL translates attachment and caregiving theory and evidence for application in all frontline early childhood workforces.

MERTIL offers a unique 12 hour online program, supported by a vast library of multimedia learning resources. This can be enhanced with a full day in-person workshop. For those who’ve already completed MERTIL, we offer the 2 hour Mini MERTIL refresher course.

MERTIL was originally delivered to 1800 Maternal and Child Health service staff in Victoria, Australia. The program was acclaimed, creating enduring change in confidence and capacity for frontline work with all forms of early relational trauma.

MERTIL is now available to all frontline and early childhood professionals.

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MERTIL revolves around our unique online learning courses. Information about these courses can be found by selecting the menu items to the left. Our courses are supported by an extensive library of reading materials, weblinks and podcasts, all grounded in current evidence.